Copying LPs to CD via Audacity

I have a stand-alone record player and lots of LPs that I would like to copy to CDs using Audacity 1.3. The only output from the player, apart from the built-in speakers, is a headphone socket. I have connected the player to my PC using a cable with an audio jack at both ends, the connection to the PC being via the ‘line-in’ socket. However, when I open Audacity and select Project/New Stereo Track, click the Record button, and play an LP, there is no apparent recording activity in Audacity. My PC runs on Windows 98XP. Could you please offer any advice?



You don’t need to create a new track before recording… When you hit the record button a new track is automatically created.

You also probably need to select the line-in as the recording device in Audacity’s Preferences → Devices.

Read the tutorial on the link waxcylinder posted.