Copying configuration MACOS 14.2

I am setting up a second recording computer. I would love to copy my existing configuration (settings, macros, and Keybindings) to this setup. I tried to find a guide to do this, but couldn’t find one that made sense. Is it even possible to do this? Both computers are running Audacity 3.4.2.

Thank You!

All of the Audacity settings are in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/
Copy that folder to a USB stick.

Make sure the second computer has the same set of effects as the first - this may be needed for your macros.

Start Audacity on the second computer. It will create the “audacity” folder inside “Application Support”. Quit Audacity. Find and open the “audacity” (as above) folder. Trash the contents. Copy the contents of the “audacity” folder from the USB stick to the “audacity” folder the second computer.

Everything should be fine except for your “recent” files.

That sounds doable! Thank you! I found nothing else that is clear as that. I do use some non-audacity plug-ins, but I don’t think any of them are used in my macros. I will watch out for that.


Worked like a charm! Everything is the same in terms of configuration between the two computers. You’re the best!


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