Copying between projects

When copying clips between projects, the blue line which signifies 0.0 db on both the left and right channels does not copy exactly. On the original track, the line is thin which allows for easy identification of any “noise” or extraneous audio which can then be silenced or deleted. However, when the highlighted, visible portion is copied onto another project, the 0.0 blue line is noticeably thicker making it harder to identify any noise. Consequently, I have to waste time adjusting the thin black line which separates the left from the right channel until the 0.0 line once again matches the original audio track. Could this be rectified so the copied audio matches the original. Thank you.
PS. Thank you for including a choice between whether to copy smart clips or just the visible portion when copying clips between projects on the new 3.3.3 update. This change has made copying from a very large file much faster. It’s wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Yes, thank you for saying that. This feature is a godsend to many users not interested in “smart clips”.

Perhaps you would like to share screen shots illustrating the difficulty.

This Dropbox link should take you to a Word document which illustrates the problem I am encountering. I acknowledge it is not a major issue, just a minor annoyance which did not happen with previous versions. Many thanks for your time.

Yes; this is what I thought you were talking about. I have seen it before but I haven’t seen it recently. I thought it was due to screen resolution. Do you have both projects maximized and on the same screen ?

Yes, both projects are on the same screen.

I am sorry; did you say both projects are maximized ?

I am not sure what you mean by maximised. When I zoom in on the original project, I simply copy the selected part then click new, then paste. I do not adjust the zoom setting.

or search the internet for “how to maximize a window”

Yes, the screen is maximised on both projects and as I mentioned, both projects are on the same screen.

OK, other than to say I think have seen this before, it doesn’t happen to me now with Windows 10 on Audacity 3.3.3 on my laptop.

I have no further ideas at this time. Perhaps someone else would like to contribute ?

I too am running Windows 10 on Audacity 3.3.3 on my laptop. It’s a mystery! Anyway, thanks Jademan for all your help in trying to solve this issue I’m experiencing. Much appreciated.

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