copying and pasting

sorry to be so elementary with this question, but i’m a very new audacity user, had a friend walk me through set up of a project, importing, cutting and pasting a couple of song segments into a project file, an audio file i’m creating that has various song segments. the friend is no longer around and i’m trying to do additional segments, i have imported the new song, can identify the segment i want to use, have tried various ways to copy/paste it but can’t make it work. i’ve entered the start and end times for the segment, it shows on the waveform as a shaded area, but none of the copy,cut or paste commands work and looking under the Edit drop down they do not seem to even be available (they show in the drop down but in a faded style, cannot be activated). i’m sure there is a simple fix or some simple step i’ve omitted, i’ll feel dumb once i know how to fix it, but dumb or not i need some guidance.

S Davis

Try FAQ: Why can’t I use the effects or other menu items?.