Copying and Pasting Harmonies

Hi All,

Im new to Audacity; just started using this week. I am a recording artist and I am using it to work out my song ideas to save time and money in the studio. I am trying to figure out how to copy and paste a full chorus, including its corresponding harmonies, into other sections of the song where it is required. For example, I just recorded a chorus which has a total of 6 background harmonies. Instead of resinging everything everytime the chorus comes around again, I’d like to be able to paste the whole section where its needed, like they do in the studio. Is that possible with Audacity? So far, Im unsuccessful. :frowning: any help would be appreciated.



into other sections of the song where it is required.

Maybe not into other portions of the song, but you can copy and paste segments of the song into new tracks at the right places. If selected, they will play right along with the rest of the song.

I’m foggy on how that would work if you tried to copy multiple tracks. I’ve never tried that.

But you can Tracks > Add New and just keep stacking blank tracks until you get enough to do what you want. I guess the Desperation Method is export the harmony tracks as a single WAV file and then pull it back in — again into a new, clean track, pushed over sooner or later so it’s in the right place.


I have no problem in copying and pasting clips from one or more track(s) into the same track(s).

Draw your selection, select the tracks (e.g. with enter) and copy the chorus.
set the cursor at the desired position (while the same tracks are selected) and paste the content.

As long as the number of tracks selected when you are pasting is the same as the number of tracks selected when you copied, it is all pretty straightforward and intuitive.#Ne tracks can be created from “Tracks > Add New >”

If you are completely happy with those harmonies, you can mix them down into a single track. Select those tracks (or any part of those tracks), then from the Tracks menu use “Mix and Render”. The mixed track will appear below any other tracks in the project.

See here for how to select audio: Audacity Manual

Note that once the tracks are mixed down you can’t “un-mix” them, so it would be a good idea to save a back-up copy of the project before mixing down those tracks . Use “File > Save Project As” and give the new project a unique name.

When working on complex projects it is useful to make back-up copies fairly regularly so that you have somewhere to go back to if you screw up. I often use a numbering system: