Copying a spectrum of sound

I need Your help. Please, how to copy a spectrum of sound from Audacity? I would like to past It to My text, as a picture. I don’t know, how to do that.
Thank You.

You can take a screenshot, as you can for anything else that appears on your computer screen:

  1. Look for a key on your computer (top right hand corner) prt sc press it while Audacity is open.
  2. Open an imaging editor such as IRFANVIEW. Press Paste icon or press ctrl V
  3. Crop as desired and save as (I would recommend bit map this is now a master image (for the archive), and all subsequent copies saved as Jpegs from this image.

Only download IRANVIEW from the official website. Its a swiss army knife of the imaging world. Been using continuously since Windows 98.

Any probs pm me.