Copy to New

“Copy to New” has disappeared from its usual spot. It was a one step option, instead of constantly having to dig down the different menus or submenus it used to be like on spot 2 on the edit menu. So, where did it go? I enjoyed the 1 click functionality, as I am starting to make music edits again and need that quick link feel.

  • It was: Edit/copy to new.

  • Now it is: Edit/copy, File/new, Edit/paste ( 3 clicks, instead of 1 )

Please, bring back the simple.

The Edit menu was rearranged because it was becoming unwieldy (more than 40 edit menu items in total).
For commands that you use regularly you can regain quick access by setting up keyboard shortcuts:

Did Audacity ever have a command that duplicated audio to a new project window?

If you want to duplicate to a new track in the same window, Edit > Duplicate or CTRL + D.

If you want to move a selection into a new track, Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split New, or CTRL + ALT + I.