copy stuck in Audacity 2.1.2 windows 10 [SOLVED]

I have downloaded and installed Audacity 2.1.2 Under Windows 10 on a PC HP Probook 4520s .
It works until the copy function of Audacity does not respond to clicking .
Thanks for help on what to do to correct this malfunction .

Have you selected some audio before clicking Copy?

Than what do you do next? i.e. Do you Paste?

1/ I have selected audio ( a piece of MP3 coded track) before clicking copy .
2/ Paste does not respond more than copy .

Reinstall Audacity 2.1.2 from Look for the “Reset Preferences” checkbox half way through the installer. Ensure you tick (check) that box.

When you launch Audacity after reinstallation, confirm you want to Reset Preferences.

Note that you can hold CTRL and press C to copy instead, or hold CTRL and press V to paste.


Thanks for help .
After reloading audacity 2.1.2 and resetting preferences as indicated , copy is still out of control including via ctl +C . Paste too even with Ctl+V .
But I noticed among the loading instructions that Audacity under Windows 10 requires specific drivers .
Where can they be found ?

Please describe what you mean by “out of control”. Note that you can’t copy or paste while playing, recording or paused. Press the yellow Stop button to copy or paste.

It is an Audacity bug that the Copy and Paste buttons are enabled when audio is active. However Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste are correctly greyed out.

When you launch Audacity do you see “No audio devices found. Internal PortAudio Error” and you cannot record or play? If not, you don’t currently need to change your audio drivers.

If you do see that error, please see


1/By “copy out of control” I mean that clicking the copy button has no other effect than depressing temporarily the image of the copy button .
Nothing is copied in the edit buffer . Hence Nothing can be pasted .
2/ I see no yellow stop button only a square grey seems to me stop button
3/ What means “audio active” ?
4/I have no error message about “internal port audio error” . So no driver problem .

If you are playing, recording or paused, there is an “active” audio stream and the Stop button will be bright yellow. You can also press SPACE on your computer keyboard to start or stop playback or recording.

No-one else has your problem. Perhaps you have not selected the audio. You select by left-clicking the mouse in the blue waves, then dragging.

If you open Notepad, type, select some text (as above) then CTRL + C, does CTRL + V paste?


I was using the touchpad of my PC . I understood from the Audacity manual that I had to use the mouse .
With a mouse I have succeeded in copying and pasting . End of problem .
Thanks for your support .