Copy Start and End Timestamps of Selection


I have an audio file, where I need to get the timestamps of start and end selected, best in the format of 00:01:51,863 --> 00:01:56,573.
These timestamps will be used in another programm to precisely show the subtitles while the text is spoken.
I tried Textmarks, but the way data is exported there doesn’t help me sadly.

Is there a way to get the timestamps? I don’t really need them in an extra file, having them directly in my clipboard would also be fine.

You can create labels and then export them to a text file. It won’t be in the exact format you need, though. (I would personally write a little shell script to convert the timestamps but I’m sure there’s other ways to do it too.)

I recall that last month a user posted this issueL

And then posted a fix with this pull request:

Whether or not that gets pulled into audacity is down to Muse …


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