Copy selected audio to clipboard (as a file)

I frequently use a certain image editing program. If you attempt to copy while a section of the image is selected, it copies that to your clipboard. This way you can quickly open up an image, do something to it and then put it down (in a chat box/folder/paragraph). I would like to be able to do this with selected audio in Audacity.
Example: I have a recording of 30 items of vocabulary and I am creating flashcards for them, why should I have to individually export each word as a file and then add those to the flashcards? I would really like to be able to quickly move audio from the track to another program (as a file).
The way I see it would basically do what exporting selected audio does (using the default settings or adjustable settings) except instead of exporting a file it takes the file it would have exported and puts that on the clipboard, this could be performed with an optional keybind.
(I also want to know if this has been done before)
Am I missing something or is this not possible at the moment?
I believe it would be a great workflow for some.
Sorry for the messy post, I would really like to be able to make this system a reality.
Is this a good idea?

You can use File > Export > Export Multipe, you will need to have labelled each section to be exported.

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