Copy profile of a voice sample into another?

I hope I am not being inappropriate in making this post/query. I am new to audacity and to this forum. I’ve been using audacity to improve my recorded reading voice and among scores of tries found one I really like. Unfortunately, I do not know how I came about producing 4audacityforum2 from 4audacityforum1 as attached.

  1. Is there a way of knowing and copying the relevant profiles of 4audacityforum2 voice sample so that I can convert my other recordings into its profile/s?

  2. Is there a way to determine how I came to produce 4audacityforum2, given that I have long imported it as mp3 and wav and did not save any aup and I have no history record of what I did?

I am now using 3.4.2. I was using 3.4.1 with the above voice samples.

Thanks for any help and reply.

To make #1 match #2

Pitch-shift by approximately -8% …
change pitch -8ish

Then this sort of equalization “curve”

Then this compression

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