Copy & paste without 130 msec shift?

Hi, is there a way to copy and paste a track without the -130 msec shift?

I have recorded several dozen tracks. I want to do some work on them without changing the original. So I copied one, and pasted it as a new track, however found it was now shifted forward 130 msec. I realized the original track had a couple arrows ← at the beginning, which gave me a clue, and realized that Audacity automatically shifts tracks -130 msec on stopping recording. (This can be changed in the settings.)

I want an exact copy of these tracks. But the -130 msec shift is removed when you copy and paste it. I could manually delete 130 msec from the start of the copy, but that seems inexact, and time consuming given the dozens of tracks I have.

Is there some way to copy and paste a track that has that -130 msec shift and get an exact copy with the same shifting, in one action?

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