Copy & paste without 130 msec shift?

Hi, I recorded some narration, and now wish to copy and paste the track to work on a copy, without affecting the original.

However, I want the two tracks to be aligned. When I copy and paste the track, the copy is shifted 130 msec forward. I believe this is because of the default shift of the original track -130 msec back when I stop recording. There are a couple little arrows ← at the beginning of the original track that clued me in.

I could delete 130 msec from the start of the pasted track to line them up. But that seems inexact, and time consuming considering I have several dozen of these.

Is there some way to copy and paste the original track and get an exact copy, aligned with the original, i.e. also -130 msec shifted?

It sounds like you’re using an old version of Audacity.

If you select a section & Duplicate it, (“Ctrl”+D), the copy is perfectly in-sync.

Ah, thanks much.

Sorry about the duplicate post. I forgot to select notify me of replies, and then when I searched my own posts later I could not find this, and assumed it had not posted.