Copy/Paste Multiple Tracks from One File to Another

I am relatively new to Audacity but one success does not translate to additional success.
I recorded a 12-inch vinyl mono. I put each side into one file each labeled side 1 and side 2. I intended to edit each side file entirely and then copy side 2 onto 1 file. Each has 6 separate songs but not of equal length. The final step would then be to export it as a wav file.

When I copy and paste, two things happen. That pasted (side 2) is not the full recording and the first half of side 1 is removed or erased, gone nevertheless. I closed without saving, but on reopening, find that the problem carried over into the closed files. Now I must record it all again.

Hopefully, someone can tell me what I am not doing correctly or how I should be combining the two files.

You would have to provide more details about exactly what you are doing…

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