Copy & Paste Effects from clip to another


I imported an audio file and put some effects on it. I saved it as an Audacity file.

I then imported a completely different file and I want to Copy & Paste the effects I put on the first file to the 2nd file. How can I accomplish this?

I use Audacity 2.1.2 and Mac OS El Capitan

The best you can do is remember which effects and which order and apply them again manually. Many Audacity effects save their last known good settings so you won’t have to remember that part.

Audacity shows have their effects order and listings in UNDO as long as you don’t save the show and exit. Sometimes I will step back through UNDO when I don’t remember what I did to a presentation.

Audacity Projects do not save UNDO, so if you close the show and then reopen, the show will arrive without the list.


Could you have meant copy and paste the audio from the first clip to the second? Open the first clip and Import the second. They should appear one above the other. You can MUTE and SOLO each one with the buttons to the left. If you don’t, they’ll both try to play at the same time.

Select one track by clicking just above MUTE. Drag-select the work. Copy. Select the second track and Paste.


If you do mean effects, you can try Chains.