Copy/Paste audio position

Hello everybody!
My Audacity copy works on a Ubuntu 12.04 system, and it’s been installed from repository.
I mainly use Audacity to transcribe speeches and then synchronize them in captions.
It would therefore be VERY handy for me to be able to copy the audio position to the clipboard.
To be more precise: suppose I’m playing a file, and I pause at 00h 27m 43.534s.
Is there a way to copy the very string “00h 27m 43.534s” and paste it in a cell of a spreadsheet?

Thanks in advance for your kind time. Cheers!

Apparently not. At least short of a screen capture and a graphic paste.

On the up side, did you know you can get the timers to read in video and film rates? 4m 15s 9frames.So you don’t have to guess where .534 seconds is.


Okay, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I hope developers will read this post,
and consider implementing this functionality sometimes soon.
The best for me would be something like Avidemux,
where the timer is in a text box, that can be dragged on, copied and pasted.