copy LP's with USB port into MAC and burn CD without iTunes?

I am having difficulty figuring how to record LPs onto my MAC (using the Audacity software). It picked up my microphone and our voices. When I switched the line input source within Audacity it did help as still no signal appeared to be transmitted from the Numark record player sending the signal from its USB port (with the RCA Line position switch set to “Line” from “phono”). I don’t know what I am doing wrong

First, close Audacity.

All the sound should be coming down the USB cable to your Mac and it doesn’t matter where the Line/Phono switch is on the turntable.

Plug the turntable into one of the USB connections.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.

You should see some USB thing listed there. “USB Audio Device,” something like that. Select it and play a record. The blue ball sound meter in that panel should start bouncing. So the turntable is working and it’s delivering sound to the Mac.

Now start Audacity. Using the device toolbar (input device pull-down), see if you can find the same USB thing that you saw in the system panels.

Select it and click once inside the red audacity recording meters. They should wake up and start monitoring the sound.

Let us know where you get stuck.



:smiley: :slight_smile: Things are going great - you were so helpful. I have already copied 10 LP’s onto “aiff” files on my MAC. Now I want to burn them and I think I’d rather skip iTunes if I could and just burn them directly from these files in my “Documents” folder onto a CD-R

Do you know how I can do that easily?


On Lion and Mountain Lion you can follow these steps to burn CD’s from Finder: .

I don’t know if it works on earlier OS X than that.

Or search Mac Store for CD burning applications or try .