Copy left channel to the right one


First of all, this issue seems to belong to the 1/10 which is not included in the FAQ exactly:-)

Since after an audio recording on PC from an audio stream the right channel seems to be some corrupted
and very low I’d like to copy the left track onto the right one.

In CoolEdit I used to simply copy the one channel and just paste it to the other one which doesn’t seem
to be possible here that simply.

If I use the “stereo to mono” I get a Mix of the two, which is not what I wanted.
I can’t remove and add one of the two.
When I add a channel it’s not part of a stereo and I’m not sure what that means …

Which is the best way to do that?


… sorry, it’s Audacity 2.0.3 on win7 prof/64bit

The main thing that you are missing is that you’ve not seen the track drop-down menu.
Click on the track name for the drop-down menu.

Note that a mono track will play through both left and right, so it may be sufficient for you to simply select “Split to Mono” from the track drop down menu, then delete the unwanted track (click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track to delete it.

If you specifically need a 2 channel track, then after splitting and deleting the unwanted track, duplicate the good track (select it then press Ctrl+D), then click on the name of the upper track and select “Make Stereo Track”.

Another way to make a stereo track in which both tracks are the same as the left channel is to use the Nyquist Prompt effect and enter this command:

(aref s 0)

Hi Steve
Isn’t it rather weird that a single channel command returns a stereo channel (whereas the stereo version returns a scattered version of both)?
By the way, (aref s 1) does the same thing for the right channel.

Some thoughts about that here: