Copy from one track and paste in the exact same spot on second track

I would like to replace part of one track with a different track at the exact time I copied it from the second track.

I record a number of school concerts. I do it from the audience which means after the song everyone starts to applaud and the main recorder track peaks out. The recorder also records a second track at a lower volume which is good for the applause but bad for the songs.

When I go to create a finished tape I load both tracks in to Audacity. Where the applause / peaking is I would like to copy the quite track to the main track. I need to make sure when I paste the track to the main track that it is at the exact time I copied it from the quite track.

Any suggestions?

  1. Select the required audio in the first track.
  2. “Ctrl + C” (Copy).
  3. “Enter” (toggle the selection off).
  4. “Down” cursor key (move focus down to the destination track).
  5. “Enter” (toggle the selection on).
  6. “Ctrl + V” (paste).