Copy from 'code' text

Windows 10:

Microsoft Edge corrupts Nyquist code when copied from “code” boxes in forum posts.
Leading spaces are encoded, (possibly as non-breaking space?) which creates invalid characters for the Nyquist interpreter.
Other characters may also be affected (not tested).

Firefox and Chrome:
Clicking the “Select All” link does not select all, it just scrolls to the top of the page.

Internet Explorer selects and copies the text as expected.

Firefox 53.0 64-bit Linux.

The same problem as Firefox on Windows 10.
This is a new ‘bug’, so I’m now wondering if it is related to the recent changes on the server.

This appears to be a bug in phpBB that has emerged due to recent browser updates breaking a workaround for a different bug. I’m discussing a possible fix with our SysAdmin.

This part is now fixed. If anyone still finds “Select All” not working in Firefox on Linux, try reloading the page (Ctrl + R) or clear the browser cache.

This also works now.

The problems appears to only affect leading spaces. Non-breaking spaces are inserted when copied by Edge. Until / unless Microsoft fix it, I think all that we can do about this is to say, “if you want to copy code, don’t use Edge”.

Internet Explorer still works OK.