Copy for export MP3 track

I think what I want to do should be very simple : Cassette tapes with many songs; have as MP3 on computer (Windows 10 ) Want to copy each song individually to export to a folder where I can label the song. I have tried numerous ways using Edit; Ctrl + C ; Alt + Space bar + C ; etc. I can grey out the song I want but most of the time can’t copy. And when I can copy ,no matter what I try I get the entire tape. I think a few times for a 57 sec. song, 90 secs. was exported. When I try to copy, sometimes I can, sometimes cant. Thanks for your advice.

In Audacity you can label the individual tracks within the recording from the cassette,
then export them as individual audio files, en masse, using export multiple.

You can also select/highlight the song and then File → Export → Export Selected Audio to make one MP3 at a time.

Thanks for the replies. But I still don’t know how to simply copy a song from a tape that is in MP3 (in Audacity) and export it to a folder where I will relabel it . Can someone please give the step-by-step procedure ? No matter what I try , Select Region, Ctrl + C , etc. I can’t copy just the one song. The entire tape is copy. Often when I try Copy or export is grayed out and can’t do anything. When I can export it’s the entire tape. Normal I try to choose some option under Edit then go to File for Export. Using the the tiny Copy Clipboard button doesn’t do anything. Exporting the entire tape as one piece is not a problem. I am not trying to do any fancy mixing, just want to get songs from cassettes labeled in a folder in MP3.
AI would be grateful for any detail help.

You have to select the region of audio, (the one song), then use select “Export selected audio” …
''Export selected audio''.gif
To maintain best sound quality you’d be better off exporting as WAV than MP3.