"Copy As" Selection

It would be nice to highlight a selection of an audio track and “Copy As - .wav,” .mp3, .aac, etc into the clipboard. I assume this would work by exporting to a temp file without dialog and then putting the temp file into the clipboard for easy direct pasting into DAWs and other programs.

An interesting idea, though there’s likely to be substantial technical difficulties. In particular, it would depend on the APIs specific to the operating system on which it is running, and the application into which it is being pasted. Also, for pasting into another DAW you probably would not want to encode in a lossy format such as MP3 as an intermediate step because of the quality loss.

Note that Audacity does already support copy / paste from one open Audacity window and another. Audacity also supports exporting a selection, which can then be dragged into any DAW that supports drag and drop for the exported file type.

Maybe a script which exports the selection as 24-bit audiofile with a known filepath.
Then in DAW, a script which imports the 24-bit audiofile.

If these scripts could be binded to keys, the better and easy-to-use.

One of the developers (James) is looking to extend the Export options for Macro commands.
Here’s a preview: