Copy and paste entire track?

Is there a way to copy and paste the entire track, including all the empty space from the beginning up to and including the sound clips?
Exporting and importing as wav files is unacceptable, as it doesn’t save separate clips in the track.
I don’t want to have to realign the clips in the tracks after pasting.


Where are you wanting to paste the track?
What are you actually trying to do?

I want to copy 3 tracks from one project and paste them into 3 tracks in another project, in the same order, with the same alignment.
That way I don’t have to realign the clips.


Yes you can do that.
I presume that you tried it and it didn’t work for you? Ensure that you have the same number of tracks selected, and that they are of the same kind in the project that you are pasting to as you have copied from (mono tracks must be pasted in mono tracks etc.)

If you just want a duplicate copy of a project, use “File menu > Save Project As…” and enter a new name for the duplicate project.

Thanks, Steve.
However, that does not work the way I needed.
I selected each stereo track by holding down the Shift key while clicking (had to guess at that, since neither “Help” nor any of these forum posts seems to mention that). Copied.
Selected 3 empty stereo tracks in the target file (again, a guess). Pasted.
But the empty space to the left of the selections did not carry over, which meant I had to realign the clips by hand again.

Is this just something Audacity doesn’t do?

The white space before the audio starts does not copy over because clicking in the Track Control Panel does not select it, as you can see.

SHIFT-click above Mute / Solo in the Track Control Panels to select the tracks you want to copy. If you want all the tracks you can do CTRL + A instead. Then hold SHIFT and press HOME, or hold SHIFT and click the Skip to Start button |<<, which extends the selection to time zero including the white space.

Then paste into the other project. There is no need to create empty tracks, except that if you just paste into an empty project, you may need to do View > Fit in Window to fit the tracks in the horizontal space.