Convo reverb plugin finding IR files

I’m trying to achieve convolution reverb in Audacity 1.3.3. So far I’ve loaded two basic VST plug-ins that theoretically will work with Audacity; SIR and Elevayta Convo Boy. As is the case with plug-ins that have a more graphic interface on expensive host applications, what I get in Audacity is a plain box with the name of each parameter on the left, then an editable box showing the current value of that parameter, and then a slider knob that lets me quickly set a value. All these are self explanatory. What’s got me stumped is telling the plug-in where the IR (impulse response) files are located. I tried putting them in the same folder as the plug-ins but no luck. At the bottom of the list on one of these plug-ins are several parameters all named FileNameDoNotTouch, which so far I have not touched :wink:

Has anyone here gone down this road? I’m only one step away from having some especially cool reverb.