Converting Ultrasound to audible range

Audacity 2.3.0

I have recordings I made of mouse pup in the ultrasound range (20-100kHz) using an ultrasound microphone and I would like to “slow them down” or convert them to be audible in the human range.

I would appreciate it I anyone could tell me how to do this

Change Speed effect:


And a caution here: 44100 sample rate (Audacity default) will only digitize audio up to 20 KHz. Many interfaces and soundcards have filtering to prevent operation higher. Even if you push the sample rate up to 96000 (sound up to 48000), or 192000 (sound up to 96000) the computer and interface have to be able to do it, too.

Many people have dropouts, ticks and other sound damage because their computer can’t handle 44100 sample rate speeds. Going higher is asking for trouble.


Same strategies as for their winged-brethren, see …