Converting tracks to a email


Is it easy to copy a track on to audacity then copy it over to an email so i can send for someone to listen to is this possoble?>


You will need to Export the track once you have created it. For email will normally need a smallish file, so I would suggest Exporting as MP3.

You can then send the MP3 as an attachment in your email.



What he said.

MP3 does add damage, however, and if it’s critical that the person at the other end of the email gets perfect files, then Export As WAV. WAV files can be really large, however, and most email services have limits on how big a file you can send.

WAV is officially a Windows audio format, but everybody can open them…even Windows.


just an added bit of info.

If you really want to send the file as a wav. or something big then use sites such as This is free and allows you to send your large files here then the other person can retreieve them and it doesnt block up their email :smiley: