Converting Stereo to Mono

For converting stereo to mono, the manual suggests “select the track by clicking in its Track Control Panel then click Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.” However, I don’t find “Stereo Track to Mono” in the track control panel. Is there a new way to do this with version 2.0? (I never used 1.3, so don’t know if this is different or if I’m just missing something.)

Thanks in advance for any help.

You don’t see this?
Very early version of Audacity didn’t have this. Are you sure you’re in Version 2?
Picture 1.png

I looked under the track menu at some point and did not see that. But it is there. Not sure how I missed it. I didn’t go back and look again, as the manual points to the track control panel.

Thanks much for the help.

Can you tell us which page (and section within this page) in the manual you were looking at - posting a link would be helpful.

Then we can have a look at correcting it.