Converting Stereo to Joint Stereo

Quick question:

I’ve recorded the first 9 episodes of a podcast novel and posted them on iTunes, and now want to have the episodes listed on a particular site. Problem is, the episodes are in stereo, and site requires them to be in Joint Stereo. Is there a way to convert them? What software (Freeware please) would I need? Can Audacity help me with this?

This is my first go-round with this sort of thing, so any walk-through advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Import the show into Audacity 1.3 and File > Export > MP3 > Options > Joined Stereo.

However, if the shows are already compressed, the additional export compression is likely to create bubbly, honky compression artifacts. You can minimize the damage by using a very high bitrate like 320.

Another conversion tool might be better, although any tool that needs to take the show apart (like to change channel configuration) is likely to need to recompress – and that always creates damage.


If you still have the original Audacity Project, or an uncompressed version of the recording (for example a WAV file), make the new MP3 file from that rather than converting your current MP3.

It seems very odd that a site requires joint stereo and will not accept stereo. Are you sure that is the case?