Converting .pts / .wav files made on Mac

I received several files created on a Mac in Pro Tools 5.1 that were either exported as .wav or .aiff and I am on a PC running Windows. These files were then saved on a dvd disc and sent to me. When I open the disc, the file extensions are missing and the Type column simply reads “File”. I have tried adding .wav and .aiff at the end of the file name, but they won’t play on any player. I have tried importing into Audacity 2.4.2 as both audio and raw data, but when the waveform appears/plays, it sounds like scratching when it should be a song. I have ffmpeg installed in Audacity (at least Audacity says it is in the library), but that doesn’t seem to help (at least from they way I’m trying it doesn’t seem to help.)

Is there a reason these files, created on a Mac and burned to a disc without their file extensions, wouldn’t be able to be opened correctly by Audacity? Any help would be appreciated.

You need to find out what the file format is. Can you ask the person that gave you the disk?

Audacity does not support .pts files - you need Pro Tools for those.

the format is .wav, but when i add back in the “.wav” file extension, the files still do not play and even if I import as raw data, Audacity still plays it as a long scratching noise, when in fact it should be a song.

How do you know for sure?
What does this on-line tool say about the file? MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser