Converting ODM to MP3 files

Has anyone been successful converting ODM (OverDrive Media) files to MP3s using Audacity? Online forums (not here) have suggested saving the ODM to my desktop then opening with Audacity but Audacity doesn’t recognize the file. I have also tried importing it as raw data but then it’s just a blip of sound.

Any help is appreciated!

I have Mac OsX 10.5.8 and am using Audacity 2.0.1 downloaded by dmg.

As far as I understand it from a search on Google, ODM files are just a small text file that downloads the actual audio book once you have installed Overdrive Media Console ( ).

If you can then play the audio in Media Console, you can use Soundflower and Audacity to record it, or other solutions. See: .

For more help - .


Thanks, Gale. Unfortunately the ODM (which is really a WMA) cannot be opened by Overdrive for Mac. That is why I’m trying to convert it in Audacity to on MP3.

And Overdrive does not help the consumer directly, you have to go to the institution that provides the files, in this case, the public library. I’m trying to avoid that IT loop and get external help.

Thanks, anyway!


If that is true, then just change the file extension to .wma and you should have no trouble opening it in most modern media players. However, I doubt that is the case.

Have you checked the OverDrive help page?

Hmmm, good idea Steve, but I’m afraid even if I change the file extension it is a protected file and Audacity won’t open it.

Yes, I have scoured the OverDrive help forum and page to no avail.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Where did you get the ODM files from? Are they e-book that you bought? If so, have you contacted the retailer and told them that you can’t open them?

Yes I would go to the library you got the “ODM” file from.

Does Overdrive Console actually say it is a DRM error? If so did you see
OverDrive Help - 404 Error ?

Or is the problem that Overdrive for Mac won’t open WMA and you need some other format like AAC:
OverDrive Help - 404 Error ?