Converting large amount of raw files to wav faster

I’m using audacity 2.0 with OSX 10.7.4. I have 36,000 audio bin files (from a hydrophone) I need to convert to wav. Audacity works but I need a faster way of doing this. I want the file names to stay the same but when I import the bin file I have to change the sample rate from 44.1khz to 88.2 kHz and then I am also using a template for the meta data I want to keep the date of each recording. There are about a hundred in each date so I could do batches of around that size. It takes about 30 sec for each file so if I don’t find a faster way of doing this it’s going to take me around 300 hours which is ridiculous. please help!

You’re talking about a sophisticated batch processor. Very few people use those words and Audacity Chains in the same sentence. Particularly when you get into metadata management, you’re into rare company. We can wait for the other elves, but I’m going with no.

It sounds like a job for SoX