Converting .ga files from Smartphone

I hope someone can help- I would like to edit audio files in Audacity that I create on my smartphone. When I try to open them they are just static in Audacity. The files are in .ga format on the phone. I tried to save as mp3, as wav and .au files and nothing worked.

I know they are valid audio files because I’ve been uploading these directly from my phone to SoundCloud with no problems. I wonder if it’s a Windows 8 problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

“.ga” is not a standard file extension as far as I’m aware. The actual file type could be a standard type but with a non-standard file extension, or it could be a non-standard file type. Windows uses the file extension to determine the file type, so in either case Windows is unlikely to be able to read the file correctly. If you could post a short example file, we could have a look to see if we can determine what the file type is. Please upload the file somewhere on the Internet where we can download it (try, a public “dropbox” folder, or similar).

What type of Smartphone?

I actually resaved it as an mp3 and I’m able to open and play it in another program, but in Audacity, even the mp3 file is just static.

Renaming a file does not change the format. Your “other program” may be able to play the file if it has a file extension of “.mp3”, but that does not mean that the file actually is MP3 format. Audacity is able to import and play MP3 format files, so that would indicate that the file is not actually MP3 format. Audacity may be able to import the file if the file is a standard format and the file extension is correct.