Converting G732 with DLL codec

Hi There,

I have these audio files which can only be played back with this voice audio playback software which somehow installs a codec and after that you can play the files(only using windows media player). It’s not possible for us to install this on every computer so I need to convert these files to a normal format.

The audio files are in a wav container. according to “G-spott codec information” this file uses the “Verint G723 Decoder” which happens to be installed on my system. see screenshot.

is there a way to use this dll or ax file to convert this file to a normal playable file?

any help will be greatly appreciated!


If the G723 file can’t be opened in Audacity* then you could play the file on Windows media player and use Audacity to record what-U-hear.

[ * install the FFmpeg libraries and try opening it in audacity ].
FFmpeg can open G723.png

A free program called SOX allegedly can read G7XX fomat …
SOX can read 7XX format, and convert it into another format (like WAV).png

many thanks for your reply!

unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work.

after installing GoldWave it seems that program is able to convert it to normal mp3.

Thanks for your effort!