converting from mono to stereo.

I’ve recorded a mix for an internet radio show to be broadcast tommorrow. It’s recorded as one track but unfortunatly I’ve recorded it in mono. Is there anyway way I can convert the mix even though it’s all been recorded? i don’t really want to have to re record the whole thing. This is fairly urgent.

In Audacity 1.3, Track > Add New Mono track.

Select the original track by clicking on the work panel to the left. Copy.

Select the new track > Paste.

Back to the top track. There are menu items under the little black arrow to the track left. Make Stereo Track.

Now you have a two track mono show – stereo show with the same thing on left and right… It will never be real stereo – slightly different music on left and right.


What’s wrong with leaving it in mono? If you are distributing it on the internet as an MP3 you will be able to use a lower bit-rate for the same sound quality compared to a stereo track. That means faster downloads / smoother streaming for your audience.