Converting chains to the newer macros.

What’s the latest version of Audacity that still uses chains, not macros?
I’m still using 2.0.0 (which I could stick with) unless there is something more current I should move to.
I don’t want to struggle translating chains into a different macro language.
(See the attached image for what my present chain looks like.)
Thanks to… Somebody!

Audacity 2.2.2

It’s not “a different macro language”. The main difference is that Macros provide a lot more commands. The other differences is that some effects have been updated.

In the latter case it’s just a matter of substituting the old effect with the new effect. Example; In the Chain in your picture, the “Equalization: Treble Boost” has been replaced with “Filter Curve: Treble Boost”. The other commands in that Chain are the same in a Macro, so do not need any “conversion”.