converting cassette tape to CD

I’m a new user–I’ve downloaded Audacity to my computer and have copied the tape to a computer file—however, Windows Media Player won’t burn a CD and I’m not clear why—please help me to get these traditional Xmas carols downloaded for my family to individual CD’s for them—HELP—StefanJ

See this tutorial in the manual:

You’ll probably need this one too:


I’d really appreciate the opportunity to TALK to someone—easier to TALK me thru it than anything else—HELP

Audacity is a free program. We do not have the resources to provide telephone, voip or personal e-mails support.

I understand that it’s a free program—nevertheless I’m completely stuck and haven’t a clue why or where I went wrong—I’ve got music that transferred from the cassette to a wav program that I can readily call up and play on the computer—my problem is getting it from the computer to a CD—when I tell Windows Media Player to “burn” the highlighted file I want to copy nothing happens now—the first time I got an error message that my file was to big to download to a CD—I think I made a few mistakes the first time I recorded so I went back to re-record the file and got one only 503 mg big, WELL within the space alotted on the CD-R blank I have in my computer—no error message this time, but no “burn” function either when I called for it—the BEST way for me to get thru this is to be talked thru it—I’d REALLY appreciate a lead to someone who can help an old fool lioke me get thru this “see spot run” exercise—HELP

You seem to have missed this:

We do not have the resources to provide telephone, voip or personal e-mails support.

As your problem is with Windows Media Player then you may be able to talk to Microsoft on the telephone.

Make sure you drag the WAV file into a playlist in Windows Media Player before you try to burn it.

Use a fresh CD-R disc that doesn’t already have any content on it.