converting cassette tape and vinyl using iMic

I have Windows 10 and Audacity 3.1.3 I have used imic on an older lap top using Magix Audio Cleaning with no trouble. I would like to use it on Audacity. Neither Audio Cleaning nor Audacity are picking up anything now. It’s the same audio component system I’ve always used. I have used Audacity for more than 2 years using a Blue Yeti microphone. I just updated my drivers. I have a large cassette and vinyl collection and I would like to convert a lot of it to digital. Should I get a specific usb audio card or driver?

The Yeti isn’t working either?

From what I found the iMic has a line/mic switch and the line input should work with a line-output or headphone-output.

Of course, make sure you’re getting analog signal/sound out of the tape player and turntable.

I assume you have a phono preamp? In the old days that was built into your receiver so if you’ve got that kind of set-up you can use “tape out” or “record out” from the from the receiver for both records and tapes.

Make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

There are also some [u]Windows Privacy Settings[/u] and you may have to “unlock” the USB audio device and/or allow Audacity to use it.

For testing & troubleshooting there is [u]ListenTo This Device[/u] which should route the sound to your computer speakers (or headphones) without running Audacity or any application.


If you can’t get the other working this unit is available for less than $20: It has a phone/line switch.