Converting an XML file to CUE


I came across an article about the Unlocked Recordings page that is currently archiving 100,000 vinyl albums.

WIth regard to this, I see that these recordings are downloadable in various formats.

My question is regarding the FLAC format.
The FLAC downloads all seem to be 1 file - the individual audio tracks are not separated.

There is an associated Segment Data file with each download.
Below is a sample of what the file is.
How can I convert this file/information to a compatible format (CUE?) that I can then add the labels to Audacity.

**This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Ray Kwa, 2010-06-08 22:24:53 UTC, editing time 3:56 ** \ \ \ Thanks, I hope this is clear information Andrew

Audacity uses a very simple format for labels (a different format than CUE files).

Label files are plain text files, where the text is in the format:

<start-time><tab><end-time><tab><label text>

More details and examples are shown on this page:

Audacity does not have any tools to convert that XML format into labels. If you can program in Python, then it probably wouldn’t be very difficult to write a Python script to convert the file, otherwise you could just create a label.txt file in NotePad++ ( and manually copy the data from the XML into a text file.

(I recommend NotePad++ because it will create a proper plain text file by default, while Microsoft’s “NotePad” is likely to add weird Microsoft stuff that may prevent the file from being loaded into Audacity).