Converted Mp3s only playing in Audacity?


I have been using Audacity for many years and have never had an issue with exporting MP3s. However, today I recorded and converted several tracks and when I go to listen to the converted fine (Mp3 or WAV) in any other programs, it is completely silent. I can open the Mp3 and WAV in audacity, but that is the only program that will play any audio. I even uploaded a track to a site and again, just silence. I uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity and LAME and no progress. Really need these tracks for work, please help!

Open a copy of the show in Audacity. Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo to Mono.

Does the show vanish?

Don’t save anything.


How about your old known-good audio files? Can you play them?

Did you plug-in any USB audio devices? …Sometimes Windows will try to play-back through a USB microphone, or a USB turntable, or something like that.

If you can’t play anything with Windows Media Player, etc., right-click the Windows volume/speaker icon, then click Playback Devices, and make sure your regular soundcard is selected as the default.