Converted file playing back too fast.

I have just attempted to convert a cassette music tape to MP3. When I play the MP3 back with Audacity it runs much faster than it should. This happened using my original Audacity version (1.2) and also with 2.3.3 to which I updated. Listening to the original tape on the cassette player is fine, it only speeds up after recording it with Audacity. A few weeks back I converted a series of tapes of solo speech and they seem to be ok. Any suggestions for overcoming this problem would be gratefully received.
Using windows 10 home 64 bit AMD A10 processor and 8GB RAM. Tape player is generic usb tape converter.

Roughly how much too fast? For example, if it’s a C60 tape (60 minutes play time), is it playing the entire recording in 10 seconds, or 30 minutes, or 55 minutes …

Is it just the speed that’s a problem, or is the pitch also much higher (voices sounding like chipmunks)?

Other than the speed, are there other sound quality problems, such as crackling / stuttering?

Going to have to go into this a bit further, was an instrumental tape so can’t say about ‘chipmunking’, - will do a vocal track. Also get more detail on speed change. Will get back soon, may take a little while.

Can’t replicate the problem with other tapes, so must be something with the tape I originally used. Unless it happens again I’ll leave things.