Convert text (pdf, Word docs) to speech and mp3 files

I am a new user to Audacity and have not yet installed the program. Is there an option to convert pdf or Word documents to speech, and save them to mp3 files? I am using Mac OS X, v. 10.7.5. Thanks.


I would try the program “Balabolka”, although I do not know if there’s a mac bersion available.
It can do a Little of things, including Splitting into Audio files (mp3 or wav) playing Sound Clips within the text etc.
Really one of the greatest Freeware programs out there.

You’d need a text-to-speech program , then record its output with Audacity, then export the recording in mp3 format.

Windows OS comes with text-to-speech, apparently Macs do too … How to Make a Mac Talk: Text to Speech