Convert RAW PCM 8 to 16 also divde speed by half

Gentoo Linux x86 / Audacity 2.2.2


I’m trying to convert a raw dump from 8 bits to 16 bits.

If I import this dump into audacity as raw data as Signed 8 bit pcm / little endian/ 1 channel mono / 44100 hz it works perfectly and it plays as expected.

However if I do the export to 16 bits signed as raw data and open it back it’s know only half length and with a higher pitch here.

How to avoid this and get a same length - same pitch output file ?

To convert to a normal 16-bit WAV file:

  1. Import RAW (signed 8-bit)
  2. “File menu > Export > Export as WAV”

    To convert to signed 16-bit RAW file:
  3. Import RAW (signed 8-bit)
  4. “File menu > Export > Export Audio…”, then select “RAW (headerless)” as the “Header” setting, and “Signed 16-bit PCM” as the “Encoding”.

Half worked:

original.raw (8bits pcm) → sound-dump.wav (16 bits / 2 channels) ok, plays as expected
sound-dump.wav → sound-dump-16.raw (headerless, 16bits unsigned) Not ok, plays faster and highier.

Why do you think the original file is stereo?

Do you know what it is supposed to sound like? Where did the RAW file come from?