convert mp3 to txt, rtf, pdf .......

I have an mp3 (created and converted using Audacity 2.0.5) which is 275 mbs long, that i would like to convert to text of some sort. Is there a free program which will do this?
… john

What kind of “text” do you want to see? Or expect to see?

You can rename the file to .TXT and open it in Notepad but you’ll mostly see garbage.

You can open the file into Audacity (which will decompress it) and then use Tools → Sample Data Export to get a text file with raw floating-point sample values or the dB values. But at a “typical” sample rate of 44.1kHz there are 44,100 samples per second of audio (double that for stereo) so it’s usually useless to look at the numbers.

speech to text is possible, e.g. YouTube automated captions.

Google offers 1hour/month for free …