convert monaural to sterio

is that possible? i dont see a option like that though. wonder if its only for windows one

Actually, that was a sore point with the developers. We have non-symmetric tools.

We can’t create “stereo” where suddenly the violins are coming from the left and the French Horns are coming from the right, but we can create two-track mono – the same thing on two tracks.

Select the track by clicking in the left track panel above the MUTE button. The whole track will change brightness when you hit it.

Edit > Duplicate
or press Command-D. Same thing.

Select the top track drop down menu (little black arrow) > Make Stereo Track.


If you click on the L/R stereo slider and move it and then move it back, you now have a stereo show, even though the timeline will not change.

The other elves are going to ask why you wanted a stereo track? All players and production software will treat a mono track as “two track mono” and play the show out of both speakers anyway, and a real two track mono show takes up twice the hard drive space than it needs to.


To make you feel better, I deliver all my shoots as two-track mono because I know that’s what the client is expecting, even though I shot the performance with one microphone and this shoot will never be anything more than a single voice.


Yes :slight_smile:

thanks koz. choose ‘Make Stereo Track’… i dont see that option in track menu… thats my point… i see ‘make manaural track’ tho. 'im using version 2.02, latest version

See here:

Are you sure that you need to make a stereo track?

ofc, i do want to make my guitar track sterio. but i dont see ‘make sterio track’ option i wonder whats wrong with my audacity…

Do you see the track drop down menu?
What options do you see in it?

Making it into a stereo track does not make it “stereo”.
“Stereo” is when there is different audio in the left channel (headphone or speaker) to what is in the right channel.
If you “duplicate” (make an identical copy) of one audio channel and make it into a 2 channel track then it will sound no different at all to a single channel track - it will still be “mono” but will just have 2 tracks. That’s why I’m questioning whether you actually need to do this - it will make no difference to what it sounds like. It is standard practice to keep mono sounds on mono tracks unless there is a good reason for not doing so.

It’s not up in Tracks. It’s to the left of the blue waves in the little black arrow drop-down.

You should really tell us what you’re doing, I mean really what you’re doing. If you have a specific goal, there may be tools to get you there. There are effects to make your guitar “deep” or “echoy.” I think there’s even a chorus effects to make it appear like there’s four of you.

I’m one of the authors of the Overdubbing/Sound On Sound tutorial if you want to build a multiple instrument composition.


i knew how to make sterio track finally. thanks a lot. what i want to do is to make same 2 tracks with R and L of extremes (do u understand? dunno how to explain). n i realized its impossible by audacity, unless i record

Excellent :slight_smile:

Sorry I don’t understand.
Do you mean that you want to “pan” the sound from side to side?
Perhaps you can find an example on YouTube to illustrate what you mean.