Convert a mp3 or wav file into text file

Hi, I´d like to know how to convert a mp3 or wav file into text file having dB x time or intensity x time.

Tools → Sample Data Export

It makes a HUGE file when you replace raw binary numbers with text and there might be a limit to the number of samples you can export, and with 44,100 samples per second (or whatever sample rate) it’s a LOT of data and you usually can’t visualize or comprehend what you’re looking at.

You could feed it into a Hex Editor

A Hex editor won’t give you that, but it does give you a text representation of the file data.

This sounds like an exam question! Without knowing how you intend to use the data its difficult to suggest anything practical. Do you want to investigate dynamic range? The loudness of an individual sample of a PCM file doesn’t have much meaning in terms of overall energy level but anything is possible for the authors of the Audacity software ( not me I hasten to add) if you explain exactly what you need.

Well, I´d like to see some FFT resources results.

Well, I´d like to see some FFT resources results.

OK, how are you going to do that? Of course, FFT doesn’t work with “text”. :wink:

If you are using a spread sheet I suppose you’ll have to import the numbers as text. In that case Sample Data Export should work if you can export enough data and if your spreadsheet can hold the data.

If you are a programmer you can easily directly read the data from the WAV file. Or, I believe MATLAB (and probably the free MATLAB clones) can read a WAV file.

Audacity has Plot Spectrum and Spectrograph views to see the “FFT data” graphically/visually.

This does not answer the original question.