convert 440 hz to 432 hz

i have (2.0.5) and i would like to comprehend how to convert any music file from 440 hz to 432 hz, please help :slight_smile: have a great day too .

We won’t enter into discussion here about the alleged psychological or healing benefits of A=432 Hz tuning.

For a “simple” answer, Effect > Change Pitch…, then enter “-1.818” (without quotes) in the “Percent Change” box then click “OK”.


thank you gale and by the way i am awake and i know a whole lot about 432 hz and why all music was changed and who imposed it upon humanity. i hope that your day is blessed :stuck_out_tongue:

but for anyone interested in history, there is an informative article here:

Hey Gale…you mention about “alleged” physiological… do you believe it, or not? Just curious. No discussion needed. Thanks! Randy

From what I remember, he thought it was baloney, but it’s irrelevant now as he passed away several years ago.