Conversion from .MP3 to .WAV Tempo Problem

Hello, all!

I’m completely new to Audacity. I just downloaded version 2.3.1 and I’m using Windows 10 Pro.

I attempted to convert several music .mp3’s to .wav files to burn onto a CD to play in my 2001 Toyota.

Most of the files converted just fine but a few of them are playing at a slowed tempo.

Here’s something I noticed–I selected all the .mp3 files and changed them to 44,100 Hz. But if I go through and check them individually, the ones that are causing problems are staying at 48,000 Hz. I manually go through each one of those and change them to 44,100 Hz and then export them to .wav.

They’re playing slower both on my PC and in my car stereo. I don’t think I can leave them at 48,000 Hz, since I have an older stock CD player in my car (but I haven’t sacrificed a CD-R to try it yet).

Thanks for the help!

What software are you using to burn the CD? Most burning software will either reject the file or correct the sample rate (without changing the tempo). I think most CD burning software will decompress MP3s so you may not need to use Audacity. But, make sure the software is configured to make an audio CD. Don’t just burn the WAV files onto the CD as “data files”.

Normally, resampling doesn’t change the tempo. If you change the project rate (lower left of the Audacity window) your exported file will match that setting and the tempo won’t change.

WAV files & MP3s have the sample rate embedded in the header so the player software always knows what sample rate to play at.

But, if you somehow managed to make an audio CD without resampling, the speed would play slowly because audio CDs are always 44.1kHz and player would have no way of “knowing” it’s wrong.

Hiya, DVDdoug!

I’m using Window’s Media Player to burn the CD.

I think I might have made a confusing original post.

I used Audacity to convert all these .mp3’s to .wav and, even on my PC, a few of them are playing at a slower tempo.

I can play the original .mp3’s on my PC and they play correctly. It’s only after converting them that creates the problem.

Thanks for the fast response.

EDIT (Sorry but I can’t edit my previous post)

Hey, my fault, here.

I re-read your post and saw that you said to change the frequency at the bottom left of the Audacity window.

I did that and it fixed the problem. Thank you, so much!

The only research I did was from watching a YouTube video and it was probably an old version of the software.

Again, thank you, sir!