Conversation Recording and Assorted Issues

Hey folks,

My friends and I do video game commentaries for fun on the YouTube, and we’re running into a couple of issues. We’ve figured out how to use the Audio Mix feature to record our conversation while we’re watching, but the problem comes when we try to hear the audio of the video we are on. Basically, if the two guys who aren’t recording with Audacity have their volume up then the sound from the video comes through the microphone and ends up being out of sync with the video when the we go back through the recording. The guy who is using Audacity, as we’ve discovered, cant hear the audio since his computer is taking everything streaming through the sound card and adding it to the recording. And so, based on this possibly poorly worded information, I present to the community a challenge.

How can we all listen to the audio of a YouTube video while recording without said audio being picked up by any of the microphones or by Audacity itself?

I will forever be indebted to whomever can answer. A point in the direction of someone else who asked this question will also be acceptable.

Thanks so much in advance!

I’ve read that three times and I’m still unclear about what you want.

You want to record yourself talking whilst simultaneously listening to a YouTube video?
Where are the other guys? In the same room as you?

You want to record yourself talking whilst simultaneously listening to a YouTube video?
Where are the other guys? In the same room as you?

I’ll answer the second question first… No, we all live a fair distance apart from each other.

The goal is to be able to hear the audio of the YouTube video without it appearing on the recording of the conversation. I know that using Audio Mix as an input for recording in Audacity means that anything that streams through the output of the sound card will be recorded, but I’m wondering if there is another way to go about it.

I do apologize for the confusion.

We can only work with what you tell us.
From what you have said so far, why not watch the YouTube video and listen through headphones if you need to hear it, and set Audacity to record from the microphone?
What have the other guys got to do with this?

The other guys are involved because it’s a commentary group. Imagine Mystery Science Theater 3000, except with video games being played and college students commentating instead of robots.

Let’s put this another way. Is there a way to have Audacity only record a conversation happening through Skype while there is audio being played from a YouTube video?

Try the 30 day demo version of Pamela and see if that will do what you want.

Am I to understand that there’s no way to make Audacity do the things I’m wanting it to do?

Yes, but it will only record what you are saying into the mic. It won’t record what the others are saying.

Dedicated VoIP software like Pamela can record just one one side of the conversation (but you may have to pay for such a feature). But if your side is a1) your voice + a2) youtube and the other side is b1 to bn) their voices, you can’t take youtube out of the recording on its own.

Possibly you could all just record just the mic on separate computers then mix the recordings together.