Controls in dual columns for Nyquist Plug-ins

For effects with many controls it would be good to have the possibility to position controls side by side.

Overall I think we would like greater flexibility when designing the GUI for Nyquist plug-ins. (For example, a row of vertical sliders could be useful in some cases, or multi-choice widgets where the choices are dependent on what is selected, or frequency controls that have a range that is dependent on the track’s sample rate …)

At some point there is likely to be an overhaul of how the GUI is defined in the plug-in script. Until then, I’d anticipate that there will only be relatively minor tweaks to the current widgets.

I totally agree! Some new widgets and a few parameters for positioning them. I don’t need rotating knobs imitating hardware but a little more flexibility is highly desired. When you are working with a guitar track I think it would be nice to have compressor, echo, reverb and EQ in the same window so that you can control and preview the total result, instead of first compressing, then adding reverb etc. For that you need many widgets, and you need to see everything without scrolling.