controlling audacity from nyquist

I am working on a “generate” Nyquist plug-in. It’s just about finished and works OK, but I would like to tell Audacity not to select the signal my plug-in generates and to position the cursor at the end of my generated signal.
I want to be able to start recording as soon as my plug-in finishes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Phil Rich

The returned (final) value from Nyquist is sent to Audacity, so for a plug-in to generate a sound the returned (final) value must be a sound. If there are any Nyquist commands after the sound is generated that return anything, then the sound will not be sent to Audacity. In other words, to generate a sound, the very last thing that the Nyquist script does must be to return the sound. It is therefore not possible for Nyquist to do anything after returning the sound as that would prevent the sound from being sent to Audacity. So the short answer is that you cannot do that with a Nyquist script.

However, you can start recording immediately after the generated signal (in Audacity 1.3.13) by pressing Shift+R after the Nyquist script has completed.